Alien: Covenant 2017 watch full

go to unexplored paradise crew colony ship, the threat beyond their imagination, and must try to escape appalling. The limit for a distant planet on the other side of the galaxy, the crew of the ship Alliance colonies know what they think is unexplored paradise, but reallydark, dangerous world, whose only inhabitants synthetic David Beckham, who survived by Prometheus condemned the expedition.

granicataza distant planet on the other side of the galaxy, the members (Catherine Uoterston, Billi Kradap) Covenant colony ship to find out what they think unexplored paradise sein.DortI met David (Maykl Fassbender), synthetic surviving convict Prometheus expedition. Mysterious world darkened me fast and dangerous if hostile alien life form on board in a deadly fight for survival.

Stranger: CovenantThe Department colony ship, the federal government, lookingon a distant planet on the other side of the galaxy. Upon arrival, the place seems to unexplored paradise, but his atrymlivaetstsakab dark and dangerous world, and the only surviving inhabitants David sentenced Prometheus expedition.

Language: English

Classification: NA

Total Release Date May 11,2017

Genre: Action / Fantasy / Thriller

Duration: Not available

Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Starring: Maykl Fassbender, Numi Rapas

Director: Skott Ridli

Format: 2D

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